Weekly Wrap-Up 5.29.15

Praise the weekend is finally here!

kendrick_alright…will you find Kendrick Lamar standing on top of a traffic light in downtown LA (on Figueroa and 11th – near Staples Center) to film a music video.  The video will be for his track ‘Alright,’ off of his most recent album To Pimp A Butterfly.  He already shot part of the video in Oakland, CA over Memorial Day Weekend.

Check out Complex’s article here to see videos of the Compton emcee filming.


Earlier this week the Internet went Ham Newton with the hashtag #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat and posted videos of her performing but to different songs.  It’s actually quite hilarious and props to everyone who created a video.  One that has been circulating a good deal is the ‘Single Ladies’ music video but to the Duck Tales theme song.  It had me quacking up.  Watch it below.


brizzle2I can’t forget to make mention of my West Coast best, Bre, who is currently driving cross country back to Philly to start a new job.

While I am so very happy for her to begin her new adventure and chapter in life, I will be missing her dearly – truly a wonderful person inside and out!  She has made my over 3.5 years of living in California pretty darn memorable – thank GAWD you also found The Purp – also saying bye to that too 😦  I can’t say much more because then I’ll start crying (yes, I have emotions), so this will do.  One of these days though I will write up a post about this epic friendship and where/how it allllll began – over a bottle (we didn’t drink the entire thing) of Captain Morgan, of course.  Love you, Bre, and see you sooner than later! pink heart emoji

Happy Friday, yinz!

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