EXCLUSIVE: Welcome, Caitlyn Jenner!

caitlyn jennerSay bye bye to Bruce.  Caitlyn Jenner has made her debut on what will be the July issue of Vanity Fair, shot by world-famous celebrity photographer, Annie Leibovitz.  Read more about it here.

I have a feeling this image will go more viral than Kim and Kanye’s debut on the cover of Vogue, and this magazine will outsell Kimye’s issue, as well. #CallMeCaitlyn

You can pick up this issue at newsstands on Tuesday, June 9.

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3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Welcome, Caitlyn Jenner!

  1. TracieCarlos says:

    Reblogged this on traciecarlos and commented:

    Life can be so incredibly difficult, many people wonder why we are here?
    What if, we are all born to teach and lead by example, unconditional love?
    Some children may be born with different abilities.
    Some are born with the desire to eventually fall in love with the same sex when they are adults.
    Some may be born to fall in love when they are adults with the opposite sex.
    Some are born uncomfortable within their bodies and desire a physical change where they “feel” more complete and comfortable within themselves. Whether it is self love we are lacking and we never learn to love ourselves enough to treat ourselves with love. Or, perhaps we grow up feeling like we should have been born a different gender?
    At the heart of all of this, is the need, the God given right for every single human being to be enveloped in unconditional LOVE.
    For each person who steps into who they truly are, it feels like more love is amplified for all.
    My LOVE, unconditionally, Tracie

    May the world learn unconditional LOVE by your example of stepping into who you truly ARE!


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