Weekly Wrap-Up 6.5.15

Well, tomorrow is the day all of Robinson Township has been waiting for.  6.6.15 – Anthony’s high school graduation party.  Tonight I’ll be taking a red-eye flight to head home to Pittsburgh to attend the extravaganza.  #6615 is finally here, and I cannot wait to see all of my mom’s very hard work and party planning paid off.  Considering she made all of the reservations, including venue and live band, for the party LAST February, yes February 2014, I’m sure it will be nothing short of amazing – much like my and Michael’s parties.  But most importantly, we will be celebrating Anth!  So very proud of him 🙂

For those who cannot make it and for those who will be attending but plan on having one too many shots of Fireball or Limoncello, expect a full blog post about the event next week.  The selfie stick is packed. #frigginTaylorSwift

party emojiIn other celebration news…

This quite possibly may be my favorite day to celebrate other than my birthday.  Who can really resist a piece of fried dough covered in literally whatever topping you want.  My favorites are old-fashioned and cake donuts – covered in sprinkles, chocolate icing, coconut, bacon… I could keep going.

baocn donut       cali donuts 2

cali donuts

And if you’re fortunate enough to live in a massive city like Los Angeles, there is no shortage of donut shops.  Check out this map, courtesy of Studio DIY (really cute website!), below to hit up all the famous and best donut shops in LA.

Map created by Studio DIY

And those not in LA, you can get your free donuts here.  Happy celebrating!

signature 2


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