Serge’s Selections 6.1.15

Caitlyn Jenner stole my thunder of this originally scheduled post (ladies first!), but I’m going to post this anyway.  So this week’s Serge’s Selections don’t include tunes but delicious foods instead (and probably something my mom will finally enjoy reading).  This past weekend, I really indulged and strayed away from the usual Top Ramen (or oodles and noodles as I called them as a kid) lunch and/or dinner and feasted on some really yummy dishes.

Friday dinner.  While I don’t have a picture of my dinner (wasn’t planning on this post until yesterday #fail), I can tell ya a little bit about it.  A sushi dinner at a place called Rice Sake and Real Food in Manhattan Beach.  What was different about Rice compared to other sushi joints is that this place is gluten free and their sushi uses organic brown rice (so Californian).  No but really all of the sushi and sashimi was really good, paired with a glass of Pinot Grigio – solid.

Saturday lunch.  After a morning coffee from Two Guns Espresso on the Manhattan Beach Pier with Kylie, we ventured up to Marina del Rey to meet up with our good pal Jimmy to 1. hang at his pool but 2. (and most importantly) to eat at this quirky little restaurant near his place, 26 Beach Restaurant, that he recommended.  So good!  With a very extensive menu, I was really overwhelmed, I eventually went with the following:

cucumber drink     baja benedict      ricotta

Cool as a Kimba cocktail:  Vodka, cucumber, lime juice, with a rim of Mexican seasoning consisting of primarily chili peppers, lime, and salt

Baja Benedict:  Crispy tortillas, fried eggs, chorizo, cilantro-jalapeno cream sauce all served over brown rice and beans

Lemon Ricotta French Toast:  Honey lemon ricotta with fresh blueberries and raspberry Honey lemon ricotta with fresh blueberries and raspberry coulis

Sunday lunch.  Three letters – K.F.C.  And no, I am not talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I am talking about Korean fried chicken and am asking myself WHY I’ve never eaten this before.  As a recommendation from a good friend of mine and off of a Korean fascination kick, Kylie and I ventured to Seoul Sausage Co.  This was truly some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had.  Okay, enough typing.  Just feast your eyes on the pictures below, check out their website, and please visit a Korean restaurant ASAP to try out these foods!

poutine   KFC  sausage

Galbi poutine:  8 hr. braised short ribs served on top of twice fried french fries with cheese, kim-chi pickled onions and avocado lime crema

Da KFC:  Korean Fried Chicken with a sweet and spicy glaze, served with pickled daikon radishes and a kim-chi cheddar cornbread

Galbi sausage:  Handmade Korean BBQ beef sausage with garlic jalapeno aioli and kimchi relish served on a toasted soft roll

Randy's DonutsSunday snack.  In the city of Los Angeles where donut shops are very accessible and home to some of the most famous donut shops, Kylie and I couldn’t pass up a chance to try a new spot.  We decided to hit up the famous Randy’s Donuts located in Inglewood (pretty close to LAX).  NOM.  There were cars wrapped around the building in the drive-thru and a line of about 10 people in front of us – worth the wait.  Kylie got a cake donut with chocolate sprinkles (jimmies), and I devoured a coconut donut.  And coming in at only $1.90 for both, I think we’d go back.

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Serge’s Selections 6.1.15

  1. Deb says:

    Now this is a blog entry I relate to, as Hip Hop is not my forte. DONUTS….gotta love them!
    I am sure these donuts compare with Peace Love and Little Donuts of Pittsburgh. There is nothing better than a fresh baked donut. Although, the Lemon Ricotta French Toast looks amazing. Good food, good friends, two things that make life happy. Love, Mom

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