Video:  ‘Hotline Bling’ – Drake

It’s here!  On Instagram yesterday, Drake confirmed the release date for the much-anticipated ‘Hotline Bling’ music video.  He replaced the text on the single’s original artwork with today’s date of October 19. He announced at the beginning of the month at Austin City Limits that the video was going to be dropping soon, so you know that I am too excited it’s finally here.

This song is by far his biggest hit of the year, getting him so close to scoring that No. 1 title on the charts.  Drizzy has yet to accomplish this task – the single is currently at the No. 2 spot, but he took to Instagram last week writing that if this single reaches No. 1. during his birthday month of October, “it will be the biggest moment of my career to date.”

There have been so many memes, parodies, and covers of ‘Hotline Bling,’ which goes to show its popularity.  I even hear people humming the beat or singing the song who I never thought would be whistling to a Drake song – I love it!

The video is currently only available via Apple Music.  I just watched it, and daaang.  It is Drake being as Drake as he can possibly be with his dance moves, and I love every second of it.  Never thought I’d see a music video of Drake dancing throughout basically the whole thing.  He just went up quite a few points in my book – if he could even go up any higher.   Lots of memes will be created from this – just a feeling.

Watch it here on the big screen!

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