Happy birthday, Kiki!

I can only imagine how many eye rolls I’m getting right now.  This post is dedicated to Ms. Kim Kardashian West’s birthday!  It also happens to be my roommate Rachel’s birthday – happy birthday, Rach!

I can’t tell you how many times people question my fascination for her or the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan, but that’s the thing.  I’m fascinated by them and especially Kim.  Someone who can monetize just about anything they put their name and/or face on and with one of the biggest social media fanbases EVER, major props to you.  Kim Kardashian or not, that’s quite a feat.  Wouldn’t you want to get rich by putting your name on stuff that people want to buy?  I would.  Duh.

I’ll save my ‘Why I’ll Never Be Able to Keep Up With the Kardashians but Love Them Anyway’ post for another day.  This post is to celebrate Kim!

During a recent Q&A on her website, she was asked what she wanted for her 35th birthday.  Her birthday wishes include:  “Expanding the family, having a son, and getting skinny!”  Again, I’m probably getting a decent amount of eye rolls about the ‘getting skinny’ comment, but come on.  At least she didn’t ask for anything materialistic!  Can she liiiiive, people? 🙂

I thought it’d be best to celebrate her by showing you some of my favorite outfits she’s worn over the past few years – primarily in 2015 since I really like her updated style since being married to Kanye, as well as pictures with North West.

Kim Outfits 1

Kim Outfits 2

Kim North Pics

Kim Ye North

Take away the fame, and she’s a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, and mom who is loving and living life.

Happy 35th, Kimbo! party emoji

Just wait until Drizzy’s birthday post…

signature 2


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