October’s Very Own

The day is finally here!

Drake Bday CakeCake originally made for me by Bre, but we switched it up a bit.

party emojiHappy birthday to the man who…

  • people are sick of me posting about on Facebook about 5+ times per day
  • has been the center of meme inspirations around the globe
  • has won 45 awards and has been nominated over 250 times throughout his singing career
  • has actually made me tear up and borderline cry when he releases new songs and/or music videos
  • has inspired me for the theme of my upcoming 27th birthday party in January
  • has music that immediately puts me in a happy or happier mood (this is not a joke!)
  • has yet to meet the love of his life aka me
  • has tied the Beatles (the BEATLES) with 14 simultaneous Hot 100 hits – a record that stood unmatched for 51 years (via Billboard)
  • became the first rapper to top the Billboard Artist 100 chart (via Billboard)
  • made me sit through probably one of the worst made documentaries I’ve ever seen about his life but still paid $14 for a movie ticket to watch – hoping that actually comes out on DVD though. And disclaimer:  Drake didn’t even endorse this documentary.
  • had his music first found and listened to on MySpace in 2006
  • has a song for every mood I’m in
  • can make wearing a turtleneck with sweatpants look good
  • can make any outfit look good
  • really does inspire me with his passion for music and the art of rapping
  • who gives me a feeling I truly cannot explain when I listen to his music (sounds weird but… I just can’t)
  • one day I know I will meet, I don’t know when or in what capacity, but when I do, it will be one of the best days of my entire life.

So thank you, Drake, for giving me and the rest of the world music to sing along to, dance moves to learn, outfit inspirations, memes to create, and all the feels.

Happy birthday!

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