Blog Count Going Up…

…on a Tuesday!

Although we’re a few days into the week, I’ve declared this week #DrakeWeek.  Yes, I know it may seem like EVERY week on californyinz is #DrakeWeek, but there are a few reasons why this week is extra special:

    1. I’m hosting a Drake themed birthday party for myself on Saturday.  Pretty sure I’ve ordered all Drake paper supplies that Etsy could offer;
    2. I have this theory Views from the 6 is going to drop on Saturday;
    3. I just reached 6,000 VIEWS on this blog (thank YINZ);
    4. And I’m just really pumped about life and Drake;
    5. AND Bre is flying in for my birthday weekend TOMORROW night! ❤

That’s all for today!  Vibe to the tune below.

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