Two more days!

Until my Drake birthday party!  I don’t really have any important content for today, but I’m just really excited!  The Drake GIF above is pretty much how I feel and am looking today.


  1. I picked up Bre from the airport last night and haven’t seen her since last May;
  2. Us Purps (where Bre used to live) are all getting dinner tonight.  They are the first group of friends I met out here;
  3. I’m going to a YesJulz event late night tonight – her FIRST West Coast event.  She’s from Miami.  I’ll write a post about her too.  Basically she’s the Snapchat queen and is #NeverNotWorking;
  4. More Drake supplies and goodies are arriving for my party;
  5. And yes, my Drake party is on Saturday and all my friends and girlfransssss will be in attendance! ❤

And other exciting things!

  • Congrats to The Weeknd for being nominated for an Oscar.  He really ‘Earned It.’
  • Straight Outta Compton was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay
  • Usher announced he’s working on a NEW album called Flawed
  • And BIG congrats to Kendrick Lamar as he will be receiving the key to his hometown of Compton next month!

Lots of fun and exciting tings (no I’m not spelling it wrong – Drake reference) ahead!

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