Secure your bag alert!

Again, if you watched my Snaps, I mentioned the above phrase (courtesy of DJ Khaled) and still don’t know exactly what it means.  BUT.  Major Views From the 6 hints are dropping.  It has officially become Drizzy SZN!

First off, let’s go over the two singles Drake dropped yesterday out of freaking nowhere.  I’m a little disappointed in myself I didn’t post anything yesterday during the heat of it all, but it’s here now!  I listened on my way to work and truthfully was so excited about new Drake music that I don’t think I really took the time to appreciate the sound/lyrics.  So then about mid-day, I took another listen and typed the exact thoughts that went through my head as I was listening.  I promise this was straight “thought vomit,” if you will.  See below.

Drake Singles_First Listens 4-5-16

Second of all, the cover art for Views may have just been revealed in London – projected on a building to be exact.  This is very Kanye of Drake, but hey imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  I’m sure dudes (yes, dudes) on Twitter will get their panties in a bundle saying, “why couldn’t he be original? blah blah.”  Yinz will listen to his album when it drops so shush.

drake-views-from-the-6-londonPhoto from:

 I know this sounds crazy and sorry mom, but the more I see the above logo, the more I consider getting a TINY tattoo of it.  Not any time soon and probably never, but it is lingering in the back of my mind.  Moving on.

The image is projected on the side of the Royal Opera House in London’s central area of Covent Garden.  And the recording label that holds the right to Drake’s music in the UK, Island Records, has confirmed that it’s indeed the Views From the 6 artwork.  And according to the Fader, it appeared around 8:20PM local time.

More updates soon come.

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