Summer Jam Live Updates

UPDATE 10:49PM PST:  Webster Hall just tweeted, “There is no late show at Webster Hall tonight. Please get home safely.”  Nooooooo!  Aka the spot where Ye was supposed to have a concert.  Will he have a block party instead?  Hmm…

UPDATE 10:23PM PST:  And we’re done, yinz!  Unfortunately, Future was turned away from the radio station (I can’t wait to read more about this tomorrow), so DJ Khaled closed out the show.  His night pretty much full circle – what and who he opened with at Beyonce’s Formation Tour earlier in the night in Philly, he brought them out again to close out Summer Jam.  #movie.  And Kanye pop-up show update – that sold out in MINUTES.  A 2AM show.

UPDATE 10:18PM PST:  Ty Dolla $ign!  Thank you, Khaled!  And we also have a tweet from Future that says “Radio station told me to leave…major pump fake.”  Come again?

UPDATE 10:07PM PST:  Khaled brought out Yo Gotti and now O.T. Genasis.  It’s a movie right now!!  And Bustaaaaa Rhymes!!!

UPDATE 10:02PM PST:  Khaled brings out Rick Ross to do some throw backs plus one of my favorites ‘Pop That.’  And a Kanye concert update – SOLD OUT.  Hate him all you want, but he makes move and knows what his fans want.

UPDATE 9:38PM PST:  We back!  A$AP Rocky has taken the stage and said he doesn’t care about ‘no lights or no fights,’ so it’s poppin!

UPDATE 9:17PM PST:  Now people are saying there was no shooting.  Regardless, a brawl over I’m sure NOTHING is uncalled for.  Is Summer Jam over or nah?  I thought Future was supposed to perform!

Okay – scary update.  A brawl started on the main floor and Twitter is updating with a potential shooting.  I don’t even like mentioning this type of stuff on my blog.  Ugh.  Hopefully that second part isn’t true!!  Some people are the worst.   The live stream tapped out…

Impromptu concert alert!  Supposedly Kanye will be performing The Life of Pablo at 2AM EST in Manhattan.. can someone fly me in though?!  But seriously.  Keep checking californyinz for updates!

What I’ve seen so far thanks to live streaming.  Praise technology.  I’m currently sitting in my room, sipping on wine, painting my nails, and watching the show.  Props to Kylie and Christian for being there – FOMO!

Main | That performance was awful.  And I’m not one to completely be turned off from a set, especially a rap one.  But for this I actually muted it.  Next.

GOOD Music | Desiigner was on one, Ye messed up most of his own words (he admitted it and lol’ed). Respeck.  And Desiigner brought out all the dance moves.  I mean, how cool is it for him, this up-and-coming rapper, to be performing with I’m sure who are all of his idols?!  2 Chainz, Kanye, Pusha T, Big Sean… I can’t!

Bryson Tiller  | I could watch and listen to him perform all the time.  He opened his set with “502 Come Up,” which is one of my favorites.  You just get the most chill vibe from him but all 60,000 people in attendance were vibing out so hard to him.   And that dude who I didn’t recognize at first – that would be Fabolous.  Epic.  Then Tiller took a moment to talk about how amazed he is he’s performing at Summer Jam in front of 60,000 people, and that the advice he was given was that it would take one song to get him to this point.  That one song being “Don’t.”  The motivation is too real!

Okay, Fat Joe and Remy Ma just took the stage.  More updates as this ish continues on…




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