Happy birth(YE)!

“Ah, Yeezy Yeezy how you doing huh?
It’s my birthday, I deserve to be greedy huh?”
-Kanye West, ‘Birthday Song’ (2 Chainz ft. Kanye West)

Music producer, rapper, songwriter, sometimes singer (cue Auto-Tune; hey, it makes those non-singing rappers’ songs more melodic).

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge Ye fan.  And since today is his birthday, he definitely deserves a californyinz birthday post.  I’m going to highlight what Ye means to me and why we could all benefit from being even just a tad bit like him in our day-to-day.

“And if you can do it better than me then you do it”
“Cold” – Cruel Summer
PERFECTIONIST | I mean the man was making changes to TLOP since the day it dropped in February.  Kanye wants the sound to be perfect and delivered with the best quality. He  is hands-on with his fashion line because he wants it to be perfect through his eyes.  So yes, be more of a perfectionist like Kanye.  Who likes something half-assed anyway?


“We all self conscious, I’m just the first to admit it”
“All Falls Down” – The College Dropout
RISK TAKER | Kanye took a major risk on 808s & Heartbreak by not only introducing the sound of Auto-Tune (with the help of T-Pain) and the use of 808 drums, but by also being at his most vulnerable.  This paved the way for other artists to take on the same approach but in their own creative ways.  So be like Kanye and take those risks.  You never know the outcome for you personally and who else you may motivate and inspire!

Kanye Approves

“I done talked a lot of ish, but I just did the numbers”
“Facts” – The Life of Pablo
EXECUTES HIS VISIONS | We all know Kanye is a man of many ideas.  Well props to him for turning most of if not all those visions into realities.  Major key to success.  So if you’re questioning whether you should bring your own ideas to fruition or not, think of Kanye and BE GREAT.  Don’t skip out on missed opportunities.

“They got my mouth wired shut for like six weeks… but I’m still here for y’all right now”
“Through the Wire” – The College Dropout
PASSIONATE | Music, fashion, family, friends, the fans.  The passion Kanye emits for all of that and probably more is one of the reasons I like him so much.  For me, his passion is contagious.  Much appreciated.  I think if more people found and expressed their passions in the same way as Ye, the world would be a more productive place.

“And if they hate, then let them hate, and watch the money pile up”
“The Good Life” – Graduation
Aside from his passion, what I appreciate most about Kanye is that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.  Yes, you should care a tad about what people think (you don’t want to be rude) but at the end of the day you have to look out for yourself and do the damn thang.

Now, I will leave yinz all with this FULL video of Kanye performing his 808s & Heartbreak at the Hollywood Bowl.  This was truly one of the coolest concerts I’ve ever attended.  Not only getting to see one of my favorite artists perform, but this 808s album happens to be one of my favorite projects from Ye and probably in general.  TLOP isn’t far behind :).  But anyway, please watch if you have some downtime.  Well worth it.

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