VIDEO: Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna – ‘This Is What You Came For’

Okay, I need to get way better about posting music videos on this thang.  Well, and better about posting in general.  Any ways.

I just world premiered this music video from my bed, and I love it.  It’s nothing too complex – but just so cool.  And if you check out my Snapchat (ergense), you will hear what I think of this video. Again, it all goes back to being cool and to me Rihanna is the Queen of Cool, 100%.

So watch the video below, and let me know what you think!  Oh, and pay attention to the cube RiRi is dancing in.  Let’s just say it looks a lot like that ‘Hotline Bling’ box Drake was busting a move in.  Hmmm…

Regardless, I’m team Rihanna and team Calvin.  Enjoy!

Oh, and HOW COULD I FORGET.  It’s still June 16 on the West Coast, so since that’s the case I’d like to wish a happy birthday to the late Tupac.  How can you resist such a face?


And Kendrick Lamar’s birthday is tomorrow.  Two of the GREATS born a day apart?  Incredible.


Love yinz!

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