I really really love this.  Well, to be honest, I like the tempo and upbeat vibes to the 2003 original better but the messaging and all those involved in this remake are incredible.

I got in my car this morning to play it and started watching the video.  I wasn’t driving obviously.  But I started watching the video and teared up.  Just seeing ALL of the artists who came together to be a part of this and spread the message and ask the question, “where is the love?” – was truly amazing.  I couldn’t get through the whole thing because I didn’t want my mascara to start running.  #GIRLPROBS

I mean, who wasn’t part of this project?  It’s amazing – see below.  Also, The Black Eyed Peas, Interscope Records, and iTunes plan to donate all U.S. proceeds of the song to Foundation,’s nonprofit focused on providing “education, inspiration and opportunity.”


You can read all of the lyrics here, and definitely watch the video here.  Well, it’s currently streaming exclusively on Apple Music for the first 24 hours but after that you’ll be able to watch elsewhere.  Again, I don’t know why everyone just doesn’t sign up for Apple Music.  Haven’t you noticed most of these major artists are dropping projects via that streaming service first?

Any who… I hope the video moves you as much as it did me  <3.

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