OVO Sound Radio – Episode 37

This week’s episode of OVO Sound Radio is brought to you by Oliver El-Khatib, Drake’s manager and OVO founder, and a guest mix courtesy of  DJ Maximum.  So far so good!

Thus far we’ve heard songs from P Reign, PND ft. Nicki Minaj, Migos, Baka, and more.  “Hush Up The Silence” (WizKid featuring Drake) was premiered as well!

DJ Maximum jumped on at 4PM – an hour into the mix.  This radio show is a total of two hours long – a pretty solid playing time!  And per Oliver, it’s only right they have DJ Maximum take over since the OVO camp is currently in London for Drake’s Boy Meets World Tour and that’s where this DJ resides.

I really dig these regularly scheduled radio shows Apple Music has rolled out.  A few reasons why below –

  1. It gives fans like me something to look forward to.  I’m a big fan of .WAV Radio and OVO Sound Radio as well as the Live from LA show.
  2. You never know what new music you’re going to get!  “New” referring to tracks being debuted by the artist hosting the show and just music that is new to your ears – music you’re being introduced to on the episode that’s already been released but you’re just hearing it for the first time.
  3. For two hours, you get music, interviews, and NO commercials, nor do you have to think of what song to play next.  The radio show takes care of it for you.  Love it!

Okay, back to this episode.  Oliver noted that Drake is in the studio every night working on “More Life.”  Still no release date!  It was supposed to drop near the end of 2016, then it got pushed back to the beginning of 2017, and here we are in February…  really looking forward to it though regardless of when it drops.  PS – The Tweet in my header image for this post is referring to “More Life.”

With Drake currently touring in London, snippets of new music have been dropping, but I refuse to listen to anything until it’s formally released.  #FanLove

Okay, did yinz tune into Episode 37?  What did you think?

Hope everyone is having an epic Saturday!

serge out!

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