MUSIC: Justin Timberlake – “Filthy”

Yoooo.  I am here for this track.  Justin Timberlake is back with the first single from his upcoming album, Man of the Woods, titled “Filthy.”

While the song is nearly five minutes – pretty long – I think it sets up a good intro to the rest of the album, whatever that may be.

The song starts super loud and continues to build.  It builds to the point of making you think, okay I’m ready for what’s next.  Then cut to the 30 second mark and YASSS.  That’s what I was waiting for AND wanted.  The sexy and electronic sound was giving me major FutureSex/LoveSound vibes.  One Twitter friend, @DanteMarquis, described it as “Last Train To Paris meets Prince vibes.”  I dig that.

You’re jamming until about the 4:30 mark where it all starts to slow down a bit, and we’re greeted by a female speaking voice.  Could it be JT’s wife, Jessica Biel?  IDK, but the ending has me excited for what’s to come.  So don’t blow it.  JK.  But seriously.

Listen here!  And Man of the Woods is expected to drop on February 2.




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