Kanye, KDot, & Klub Kuche

I promise the title above will make more sense once you’ve read this piece in its entirety.

KANYE | Well now that The Life of Pablo is finally available on Tidal, all is good in the world.  JK.  Ye has been going on multiple Twitter rants and is now claiming the album will forever be ONLY on Tidal and will never be available for sale.  Well he did Tweet it’s on kanywest.com, but still.  And I read that the version currently on Tidal isn’t even the finished one.  Who knows.  But aside from that nonsense, I REALLY LIKE TLOP.  I don’t want to get into too much detail about my thoughts on it – want to save that for its own post – but let’s just say, for me, it’s up there with 808s and MBDTF.  Each song makes me want to dance.  And if you know me, then you know I like it.

Kanye premiered the album on Thursday at a SOLD OUT Madison Square Garden.  He also debuted his Yeezy Season 3 fashion collection.  I plugged in my headphones at work and live streamed the EXPERIENCE – yes I’m calling it an experience because it was – on my phone.  From the first track he played (‘Ultralight Beam’) to the finale, it was one of the best things I’ve heard and seen, musically, in a while.  Kanye was SO happy and proud, his family and fellow artists were there supporting him, Anna freaking Wintour was there supporting him, and one of his models even shed a tear while standing as still as a statue on that massive block.  What other artist can you say has done that before?  Not just selling out MSG for a listening party, but having live streamed the album for his fans to watch from all over the world.  Pretty dope if you ask me.  Screenshots below.

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KENDRICK | Saturday morning, Parker and I ventured to the city of Compton to watch Mr. Kendrick Lamar receive the key to the city.  MAJOR.  Aja Brown, the Compton mayor, presented Kendrick with the highly-deserved honor.  What does it mean to get the key to the city?  I think it’s more symbolic than anything, but it is given to someone the city looks up to, to someone who is making a difference in their hometown, and is an inspiration for all, working to better their city.  The crowd wasn’t too big for the ceremony.  Real 92.3 was there to supply the music, teachers and city officials spoke before Kendrick, congratulating him, explaining the impact he has on Compton.  One of my favorites was seeing Compton’s dance team perform to some of his songs and then into Lil Wayne’s ‘A Milli.’  That was sick.

Read this article and check out dope pictures from Complex’s very own Andres Tardio here.

KLUB KUCHE | On Sunday, two of my roommates, Megan and Rachel, ran in the LA Marathon.  Instead of each running the full 26.2, they registered for a charity relay where they each ran 13 miles.  Wally and I had to show our support and of course pump up the crowd.  We ventured to Santa Monica around mile 22 to dance our pants off.  Not actually off, but we did dance a lot.  We then got some much needed foods at Wurstkuche in Venice and let’s just say it escalated pretty quickly.  Watch the video below to see for yourself.  But most importantly, I’m so proud of Meg and Ray Ray for running the marathon!  And proud of everyone else too.  I know I couldn’t (or even wouldn’t) want to run in a marathon, so props to all.  Super inspiring!

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