Justin Bieber Touched My Biehind

What started as a casual glass of wine for #NationalDrinkWineDay in Santa Monica turned into a nightclub adventure in West Hollywood – Hyde Sunset to be exact.

Rolled out with a new friend of mine who let’s just say has some connects.  We get to Hyde a little after midnight.  I’m introduced to two dudes outside the club and a little away from the entrance of the venue.

I for a brief second thought I heard the voice of Justin Bieber, but thought nahhhh, can’t be.  It just all happened so fast, and the next thing I knew I looked up and what do you know the freaking Biebs was walking in my direction.  And he looked a little lit, might I add.

We proceeded to walk to the entrance of Hyde, and Justin was walking in RIGHT behind me.  It was a little bit of a tight squeeze to get in and then I FELT Justin Bieber’s hand on my butt guiding me into the clurb.  Definitely fangirled to myself for a minute.  We (minus Bieber) made our way to the DJ booth where we posted up for the rest of the night.  Some bangers for sure. Even new Kanye.  Lit.

I’m minding my own business, dancing to some beats and what do you know Justin Bieber is literally right next to me trying to get through to the DJ.  Cue celebushock.  I’m actually pretty proud of myself.  I kept my cool and didn’t lose any of my motor skills.  He chats with the DJ, makes his way back to the crowd, and I managed to snag a very short video clip before I once again got backhanded by his security guard.  I say ‘again’ because Travi$ Scott did the same thing to me at Wiz’s listening party a few Mondays ago.  YOLO.

See below for my full Snapchat Story.  Well there’s not much to see, but listen to the music being played with a cameo from Bieber.  And it does go into my morning leading up to present.  So yes, I’d say my Thursday night was pretty good.  A late night, got into my bed at 3:30am, but a good night for sure.

Until next time and happy Friday, yinz!

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