2016 GRAMMY Awards

To sum up the 58th Annual Grammy Awards in one word…. #boring.  Seriously.  I know this is supposed to be a family show and they need to cover all genres, but can the performances please be more upbeat?  I don’t know who decides what is performed, but we know you artists can all sing (hence why you’re at the GRAMMYs), so I think you should all pick a dope, upbeat song and get that party started as opposed to serenading us and putting us to sleep.  And no I didn’t attend this year.  We were told they weren’t going to have a mosh pit, which they didn’t.  Maybe next year!

Parts of the show also felt rushed, especially during the acceptance speeches.  Prime example was when Bruno Mars won for ‘Uptown Funk.’  Mark Ronson began speaking, honestly not for long, gave the mic to Bruno and the dang ‘cue to hurry up’ music came on.  Let the man speak – he just won record of the year!  Even the in memorium section seemed to be super fast, which for that I’d prefer it to move a little faster but not like that fast.

Most memorable moments for me:

Kendrick’s performance.  The heart, soul, passion, and most importantly the message behind his performance was explosive.  Literally.  The stage was on fire.  He revived the GRAMMYs – brought them back to life.  It was so powerful.  Mad props to King Kendrick.  Also, congrats to him on winning five awards, one being Best Rap Album.  Very well-deserved.

Lady Gaga-David Bowie tribute.  While I do know who David Bowie is and how influential his music was, I obviously don’t know that much about him.  That being said, I thought Gaga did a wonderful job.  You can really throw her into any scenario, and I feel like she’ll execute it just right.  For those of you who watched this last season of American Horror Story… she did SO good and played her role as the Countess perfectly.

Meh moments:

While I did enjoy the Lionel Richie tribute, I’m still scratching my head as to why Meghan Trainor was part of that.  She can sing, but to me I think they could have replaced her with someone more aligned with Richie’s voice and genre.  I feel like she didn’t even sing that long any ways.

The Weeknd’s performance.  Do not get me wrong, I repeat, do not get me wrong, I absolutely love The Weeknd, but that was not my favorite performance of his.  Honest even.  Yinz need to watch videos of him performing before he turned into this superstar.  THOSE were performances, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen him at least five times.  So so good.

The finale.  Pitbull, Robin Thicke, and Sofia Vergara, really?  That was way too random for me.  While they are each talented, yes even Pitbull, I wouldn’t say those three are the most relevant right now.

And Taylor Swift.  I don’t even feel like wasting energy to type about her.  But two things:  1) She was way too dramatic when Ed Sheeran won.  2) Her acceptance speech should not have focused primarily on Kanye West.  Tay Tay, you just won ALBUM OF THE YEAR – TALK ABOUT THAT.  You know I love me some Kanye, but most people don’t so by bringing his name into the conversation creates more haters and fuels his fire.  If Kendrick would have won, I can guarantee his speech would have been strictly about his album, TDE team, and the fans.  Alright, I’m done.

So yes, overall I thought the show was pretty boring, but congrats to all of the winners, which you can find here.  To make up for the boredom, I hope to attend the BET Awards again, assuming they’ll be in LA this summer.  I’ll keep yinz posted!

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