And It’s Not Even Her Birthday (But It Is)…

Happy 28th birthday to this Barbadian bombshell.  I have always been a fan of Rihanna – both her look and music.  Take a look below at what I think are some of her best looks.  And not even just that, but just to see how beautiful she is!

Reasons why I like her:

  • She gives ZERO effs
  • She can actually sing
  • She loves, loves, loves her fans and you can tell it’s genuine
  • She had relations with Drake
  • She’s a businesswoman – her recent deal with Puma has earned the company $975 MILLION in just the last quarter. #BO$$
  • She’s an all around talented entertainer
  • She’s really just a badass.

I can’t wait to see her live at her ANTI World Tour in May with Syd!

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